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.XX releases rarely feature mind blowing game changes features. It’s usually minor improvements, features delayed at launch and other house cleaning stuff.

Major X.0 releases and their features get teased at WWDC in June.

This has been known forever.


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Reply to comment by Zaorth in How does iCloud work? by Zaorth

The only way to do that is to manually upload/download videos to your desired saved location (your Mac/PC, external thumb drive/hard drive etc)

For example, on your computer, if it’s a Mac there is an option in settings in the Photos App to “Download Originals”

If you wanna save them to an external source, sign into iCloud and choose the photo and download it and move it into the source.

If you wanna use iCloud Drive choose the photo and tap the Share Sheet Icon and there will be a “Save to Files” options which goes directly to iCloud Drive and the storage space you’re paying for.

Heck you can even just download Google Photos and back them up into there too.

I’m other words, there’s tons of options. They’re just mostly manual.


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iCloud Photos is synced not backed up. Meaning, it’ll upload the photo so it’s available to view on all your Apple devices but if you remove, alter or otherwise delete a photo, it will be deleted everywhere. Same with other sets of data such as Notes, Reminders and Calendars.

iCloud Backup backs up the current state of your phone so that if you move to a new iPhone for whatever reason, you sign in and retrieve that backup in the last state it was saved in and get your stuff back as it was at the moment. It won’t retrieve an accidentally deleted photo because the action of deleted was already backed up as well.

It’s not AS confusing as it may sound but most people have a different expectation around iCloud which may cause confusion.


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You just answered your own complaint.

Take off the lens protector. They’re horrible and they affect camera quality.

Been there and tried them, took it off after 24 hours for the same reason, picture quality sucks.