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Thank you for noticing that detail. I found his LinkedIn and literally thought I must be wrong then I got his mugshot and was like what???? I went through the court documents and did the math like 5 times because I totally thought there was an error, seriously he looks like he is in his mid-40s.


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The names of the McKeesport officers who were shot have been released. If anyone hears of a fundraiser to help their families let me know and I'll look into writing a follow-up, here's an update: https://dailyvoice.com/pennsylvania/franklin/news/ids-released-after-one-officer-dies-second-shot-in-face-in-mckeesport-update/856038/


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Yea my first thought was store knew she was a star so they pressed charges, but they claim they had no clue who she was. Plus businesses in PA have pressed charges for even more ridiculous "thefts" https://dailyvoice.com/pennsylvania/lebanon/news/43-cent-theft-lands-man-in-jail-on-50k-bond-with-felony-charge/816620/ I would have wondered if there was even an innocent mistake on Cherry/Jones part, but she has a previous theft conviction in LanCo. and the surveillance footage details I found in the court docs make it clear she planned this.


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Yep, that is exactly what happened, but I was slacked and a discussion was had. I ultimately felt it was/is an important detail (others thought her intoxication was important "Drunk Woman Raped"... I very much vetoed that). The woman assaulted emphasized this detail multiple times in her police interview to highlight why the attack was so horrific for her. It was clear her virginity was important/significant to her and it made the emotional and physical trauma of the rape and assault worse so she wanted authorities and later a court to beware of this. Based on that element of the court documents I did give the headline the final ok, especially since I had already mentioned her virginity in the body of the article.