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This right here. Quonset on a Sunday is the best for driver training. I brought my son there when he was learning to drive. Quonset has all the signs and traffic patterns but with no other cars to stress you out. Plus, you can get on 403 to get a sense of driving on the highway. You can even loop right back down to Quonset.


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Pretty much how it goes.

Oh, and don’t forget that the $9 will be on your credit report for years. And it’s nearly impossible to get it off your credit report.

So enjoy that 523 credit score for the next decade or two…


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It’s horrible. The System™️ is fucked and totally biased against men.

I have seen some pretty bad shit when I used to have to go over to Dorrence Street as well as stories from friends and acquaintances. I once had to go over to Dorrence Street to “correct” an issue with CSO. There was a man in front of me who walked up to the very unpleasant civil servant behind the glass who yelled “JUST PAY IT SIR! WHY DON’T ANY OF YOU WANT TO PAY?!” He politely replied “Because SHE owes me money. I’m the custodial parent.” Her response, “Oh, come in. Use the door on the side.” THAT right there is how it goes down. They just assume every man is the villain.

I have guy friends that are/were the custodial parent and never saw a dime from their ex-wives even with the CSO. Each time they went to court, the judge or the lady with the ruler (anyone that has had to go to a Child Support Hearing knows what I’m talking about) would side with the women and give her a break due to some sob story. The courts believe that kids should always be with the mother and they give them so much latitude to make that try to happen.

The whole thing is fucked…