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It’s from cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s a way of controlling your emotions rather than allowing them to dictate your entire life.


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Because they don’t do that to their “team” ever. There are literal seditionists and members of the House GOP calling for secession and they don’t condemn them publicly. They are craven and often beyond the pale in their desire for power and retribution for perceived wrongs. In short: bunch of fucking egomaniacal, narcissistic, failsons (and a few daughters) treading on our constitution and the promise of this country in the pursuit of money and power.

And, before anybody says it, fuck your “both sides” shit. Politicians are all fucked up and corrupt, but only one “team” is out there picking up votes by stating that they’d like to erase queer kids and hand out tax breaks to rich people.


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Why is she being investigated? Twice? I wonder…

>“Rollins was a controversial pick to be Massachusetts’ top federal law enforcer and she faced stiffed opposition from congressional Republicans for her progressive approach to crime. As district attorney for Suffolk County, which includes Boston, Rollins pushed ambitious criminal justice changes, most notably a policy not to prosecute certain low-level crimes such as shoplifting.”