jimbolikescr t1_iuiwg2i wrote

No, you're just playing a tired old part: doomsday spouting nay-sayer. In order for there to be war, people have to be willing and able to fight one. But most people these days aren't able, due to many societal reasons, to fight a war. If they start using robots to fight humans on a battlefield, you won't be able to dress it up in any way that you would get people to be willing either.


jimbolikescr t1_iuh7gi5 wrote

Well, maybe 🤔. Seems to me, robots, once used, will have made humans obsolete on the battlefield. Humans will not be going to war like now. It won't be possible to compete with the a machine designed to kill you. Then it'll be robots on robots, which is just pointless. We've finally finished war! 🥳