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Okay. I see what is meant by "least sympathetic human in the entire story". If you want to find someone to use as the poster child for fucked up immigration, maybe don't choose him.


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Legally, there's no such thing as a spent conviction as far as this chap's concerned. He committed murder.

However - big "however" - most killers aren't as dangerous to society at large as you'd believe.

More often than not, it's a spur-of-the-moment, "oh my god what have I done?" thing which they never repeat when they get out.

The unrepentant serial killers of this world are relatively rare.


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It would seem odd that the hire company doesn't have some sort of basic cover for their whole fleet to cover, say, total loss.

I can't imagine this sort of thing happens terribly often (which will keep the cost fairly low, particularly if it has a high excess), and it'll be a lot easier to claim on the insurance and sting the customer for a high excess than ask them to hand over $50k.


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I don't even think it was "hacked by their coffee maker" concerns.

I suspect it's far more likely that a substantial number of people are buying smart appliances yet they neither know nor care that their appliance has this feature and it sits unconnected and unloved. They just thought it looked nice.

It's the modern equivalent of the VCR clock flashing 00:00 99% of the time. Yes, you can do additional things by setting it up, but most of those additional things are entirely useless most of the time, so why go to the hassle of doing so?


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Sounds like it was something they did with their kids.

Bloody good idea - use something fun to teach analytical skills and recognise that sometimes ideas in books should stay firmly in books.


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The headline tells you most of what you need to know.

The only thing left over is it needs to ferment in an environment without oxygen. Outside of prison, this would be a demijohn with a bubbler (a tube with some water in so gas under pressure can escape). Inside of prison, you either improvise with what you can get or simply seal in a ziploc bag and remember to let the carbon dioxide escape occasionally.


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It's completely insane to engineer.

It's a suggestion that is so absurd it is difficult to know where to begin picking it apart. Anyone making it is either trolling or so incredibly ignorant you'd be wasting your time trying to discuss it with them.


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