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There's a nation wide housing crisis, as the population grows but the number of individuals per household is dropping. The amount of jobs and tax dollars this will generate for the state is a good thing. Not to mention allowing Providence to catch up to other modern cities. RI has been behind the ball on a lot of things (casinos, legalizing marijuana), so I'd like to see progress


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A loud exhaust is a sign of a fast car. It's a side effect in a way. I bring my car to the track, and over the years of ownership, I've increased performance by changing parts, and one of those parts was the exhaust system. It's a piece of the whole picture and was necessary for me to upgrade the turbocharger.

However, you can also just change your exhaust, be loud, and have the "appearance" of being fast. If you don't do other modifications, it doesn't really equate to more performance, but depending on the car it might help a little bit. Some people just want to be loud for the attention.

So in conclusion, fast cars are loud, but not all loud cars are fast and some people like being looked at


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I grew up on mineral spring, which was amazing for learning how to deal with the unpredictable asshat drivers, but terrible for trying to go anywhere. And nobody knows how to actually use the freeways around here.

Also, my car has a loudish exhaust, but I'm always conscious of where I am and what time it is when driving around. It's possible to drive loud cars without being obnoxious. It sucks because a few dicks with loud cars give us all a bad rep. I promise most of us are just good people with an expensive hobby


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They mean absolutely nothing. It's an art piece, which is awesome. Providence had (might still have) a policy where all new construction had to include some art piece along with it. That's also why there used to be those reflectors under the tunnel in the parking garage too. It might also be the reason for the clock man on top of the foundry