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That is true. But I know quite a few people would would like to buy in DC but are priced out. So....

Not sure how GWU manages its housing. But GU has been building steadily to house its undergrads, and some law students, at least. Not sure how many full time GU students are now in the transient rental market.


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That is a demand function, is it not?

If condos are more affordable to residents, then people will want them.

For that matter, if DC implemented any or all of those mechanisms for commercial properties on K Street - including expanding zoning for multi-family, but restricting it to condo or coop residential property, don't think developers would fill the space and make a profit?

Without a grand economic study, I think it would be enough.


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Zoning could, no? In as much as an area can be zoned for single family homes, a multi family units, zoning could slice and dice the type of units. So the zoning argument is arbitrary.

A resident of a condo can not deduct the condo fee from their taxes. A landlord can. Reverse it, and favor ownership over rental.

DC used to charge a substantial fee to convert a rental apartment building into condos. Eliminate it.

DC does not provide a homestead exemption for resident condominium parking places. Provide it.

Provide tax preferred savings plan to save for a down payment.

Go to back to a first time home buyer tax credit.

Do you need more? Or are you fixated on raising taxed on rental property (which removing the deduction on condo fees would do)?