jizard t1_iy6g8cm wrote

Dude you had me at TAXI and then you had me again at MARIJUANA. Taxi is so goddamn criminally underrated/passed over and it truly holds up as one of the best from this time period and team. I've been going through the DVD set and just always loved this show, which I first watched in reruns when I was a kid. Everyone is great, but in particular DeVito really had some great storylines. If you ever want to smoke a fat bowl and watch this shit in south Florida, hit me up lol. I enjoy your Taxi-future


jizard t1_itlvmd4 wrote

I just recommended this show on another thread by a user who has seen a LOT of good shows. The first season is gripping in a way very few shows (any?) have been for me - it's a special experience in my opinion. Leftovers is incredible, as mentioned, but far more layered and complex. There's an efficiency to the storytelling in Severance that's pretty satisfying that is hard to find elsewhere