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Were you supposed to be on this escalator? Maybe went around the barricades or they had fell down or weren’t placed correctly? I have people I’ll ask if they remember this and I can possibly explain it better as for pictures that might be hard to come by.


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Do you mean when they were replacing the escalators with new Kone’s? I’d find it hard to believe you made it to gravel even then (concrete is more likely), now falling in the lower pit because the floor plates were removed is possible but there wouldn’t have been any gravel.


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If this guy is a regular commuter people are normally set in their ways on their commute. Knowing this if they didn’t get on at the same station have her ride a different car, a little longer walk to the exit at her destination station is worth avoiding seeing someone like this every day.


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Get enough residents together and claim constructive eviction with the landlord. I’m sure if 30 people are ready to roll out they’ll do something.


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I think one of my favorite motivational posters describes the AirBnB problem perfectly. It says “no single drop of rain believes they’re responsible for the flood”


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They most likely won’t. Them hiring off the street was a one time agreement for the Silver Line staffing. There’s no rule that you have to be a bus driver first it just functionally works that way because they have to hire internally first and there’s always enough bus drivers that want to make the switch.