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TBF&H If I were the landlord and I had to bring a tenant to court I'd be as big of a dick as possible to them. We would not be in court if they just paid the rent.

But there's obviously more to this story, that length of contract is way longer than a standard commercial rental agreement.


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We're not the restaurant types (I spent way too many years owning them) so we cooked at the resort.

The Shaker village was better than I expected. Mastery of efficiency has always been fascinating. The round barn with the manure basement is ingenious.

Mt Greylock hikes were gorgeous. Spent many hours there, next time the wife and I will be ready for the hard ones.

Explored as much as we could. Went to Saratoga NY & Bennington VT but by far my favorite was Natural Bridge State Park. So many beautiful spots to take pictures, going to be hard to choose my favorites.