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Yes exactly.

I thought 60% would be cool til I got one and realized how addicted to arrow keys I am and how much I hated using mods to access them.

I think 75% & TKL look cool but I very rarely use Fn keys and the random nav keys.

I built a couple 40's out of curiosity, but find them more cumbersome than efficient in practice.

Hence, I have settled on 65% as the ideal form factor for me. Doesn't say anything about what will work for anyone else.


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>shedding percentage is mostly for aesthetic reasons

It's more than that. If you are right handed, losing the numpad and nav cluster allows your mouse to be closer to your right hand, which improves efficiency and ergonomics. Also, some of us have absolutely tiny desks and need to optimize for space. Since I rarely use F keys and never have need for a numpad, a 65% is exactly the right size for me for practical reasons.


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Yeah, the material certainly isn't the only (or dominant) factor in sound. Profile makes a huge difference and thickness matters too. Still, to my ears, PBT tends to sound a bit more dull and ABS a bit more bright, but perhaps I'm imagining it.

I may also be imagining this, but to me ABS is effectively odorless while PBT has some kind of smell to it. By that "test", these are ABS, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Ya know, I’m not sure on PBT vs ABS. Sound wasn’t hugely different than GMK on this board which leads me to suspect ABS, but can’t say for sure.


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The legends are really good. Better than some GMK sets I have. I could quibble with the spacing of the ) above the 0, and the Delete looks crowded (maybe should have just been Del) but honestly I can't really complain. And unlike a lot of cheap sets this one included some extras including 1.75U shift. Plus the OS key is "Code" not "Win" which I appreciate as a Mac & Linux user. :)


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Yes double shot, and the tolerances seem quite good. Will send link, but Amazon product code is B0BFB5VXXY so if you search for that it should take you right to the listing.


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  • LW-67
  • Kiwis (stock for now)
  • Owlstab v2 (Krytox 205g0 on sliders and wires)
  • $25 Amazon “mintcaps” keycap set while I wait for KAT Great Wave EDIT: also Stupidfish PCB, case, and spacebar foam Gotta say, this cheap keycap set impressed me. Legends are crisp, caps feel and sound good. I could nitpick a few things but for the price, seems like a steal.

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>TL;DR: I’m getting frustrated with the general scarcity of MK related stuff and made up prices. How do you cope?

Having built over a dozen keebs, I have coped by:

  1. building with the many boards, switches, keycaps that are in stock (Alexotos' vendor list is your friend in this regard)
  2. selectively buying out of stock items on r/mechmarket
  3. selectively joining GBs and being patient
  4. choosing to not care about unobtanium things

It's not that different than any niche hobby where there's a range of mass-produced, small-volume, and boutique/artisan items available.