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I agree with threads of what you are saying here.

That said, I think they were “prepared” for this in a very theoretical and abstract sense. I don’t think they were running around like fools at google hq aimlessly.

But that doesn’t mean it didn’t inherently create a shock to their system in real terms. Both can have some truth. Humans trend towards black and white absolutes, when the ground truth is most often grey.


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You don’t know me and narcissism isn’t why I do it at all. In fact your accusation is inherently narcissistic in that you know everything at a glance and immediately have all the answers. My post above was a brief description of my process. It has more to do with self love and being the change I want to see in the world than anything. It’s a spiritual thing for me. But stay toxic Reddit stranger!


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Yeah. Some subreddits I keep to stay a little informed or whatever, but I have shed a bunch that kind of made me more frustrated than I wanted to be.

If all someone on Facebook does is share political memes or rant on politics I usually just unfollow them and they are still a friend, but my news feed is more positive.

Takes a bit of work and it isn’t a 100%, but it’s better.


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Really the only proper answer imho.

Instead of quitting social media, I post positive content that I hope lifts up those around me. It’s been well received by friends and family.

Blaming everything on the Algorithm is being willfully ignorant. And I’m not trying to fully downplay the algorithm, because it is designed to keep us all at each others throats to an extent. Or at least foster disputes.

But we can rise above it. We can be good neighbors and positive members of our community. It is still a choice.

Believing anything less is essentially abdicating responsibility for a better society.


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The training and logistics issues keep getting thrown around, except they keep getting overcome again and again. Patriot batteries are massively complex and they are moving ahead just fine.

NATO and the US aren’t just providing weapons systems, they have also focused on training how to use them and also how to re-supply and maintain them. Creating a modern, efficient logistics infrastructure is a MASSIVE focus in Ukraine by the US and western powers. And it’s working.

People consistently underestimate the adaptability of human beings. People also consistently underestimate what is possible during war. The impossible has been done time and time again in the history of humankind when it comes to war. And the covert action supporting logistical and other efforts inside Ukraine should not be discounted. They have advisors helping them each and every step of the way.


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I’ll offer some specifics, but before I do, I want to say the potential use and viability of ChatGPT is really only limited by the openness of your approach to it and your creativity.

  • You can bounce x, y or z idea off it and just flesh out stuff around it. That makes it great for brainstorming or just working stuff out

  • It can code for you and even help non-coders be able to code. From adding a multi-colored rotating 3d prism to a landing page to a web-scrapper to pull lead data for outbound marketing or sales (and so much more). Generate code for APIs

  • Error check code

  • Summarize articles or even meeting transcripts into succinct and quick bullet points

  • It will break down complex concepts and / or high-level technical information into super usable blocks

  • I tend to use too many words to write emails and other junk and I can have it tighten it up in two seconds. Boom. Done

  • Paragraphs to bullet points or vice versa

  • Change complexity level of script. Or change the tone or temperature, etc….

  • Change writing from third or first person or vice versa

  • Compose simple to super complex Excel formulas. Create VBA in Excel and work on pivot tables. Create macros

  • Create complex workflows

  • Help write contracts

  • Generate recipes based on stuff you have in your house or recipes based on what you want

  • You can give it a bunch of data and it will give you a slide deck and layout and even suggest images. A guy even wrote some Python code to make this even easier

  • It can translate languages, including coding language from one to another

  • Essentially can act as a personal tutor for a number of subjects and classes

  • Create a meal plan and generate accompanying recipe lists

  • Can generate prompts for all kinds of art

  • Can help research for you for a novel or non-fiction or paper or essay or whatever

  • You can give it a detailed outline of things important to you and such and then ask it to generate names for a business or YouTube channel or whatever. Or generate a title for something, etc…

  • It can recommend books or readings based on niche interests

  • Fix resume or write a sector specific cover letter

  • Can help with marketing efforts for business. Help wrote social media posts or blogs or whatever. Yeah, edit and know what you are putting out, but it absolutely saves time

  • Format and check or generate copy for websites or landing pages

  • Guest speaker or panel Questions and Answers

  • Help with anxiety or even loneliness

  • Discussing fitness and health

  • Could prepare you for an interview

  • Gift ideas after a detailed description of a person

  • Keyword research for SEO or other applications. Other SEO optimization

  • Rephrasing

  • Generate FAQs based on content

  • Write product descriptions

  • Write job descriptions and job offers

  • Can help you learn a language

  • Could generate your own website without knowing anything about web design - would take time and patience, but it’s super doable

  • Interesting for philosophy

  • Could give it some inputs and then ask it to generate ideas on how to convey something in your head visually for content on YouTube or whatever. This is a massive help if you approach it right

And a lot more. This is nowhere near exhaustive.


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Why is this not the onion?

AI is here and it isn’t going anywhere. The ship has sailed and the box is open. There were people wailing about similar issues when it came to google and the early internet 20 years ago and we somehow survived.

Teachers need to be fluid and teach in the confines of reality and look where society is going.

AI is the future of humanity. Anyone claiming it’s going to be the end of our species seems to be underestimating humankind and overlooking our resiliency. Every generation has people that decree x will be our downfall. Then people explain to them that x isn’t going to end us. Then the person wailing about x says, “yeah, but THIS time it’ll be different.” Are we so sure about that?