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I’m glad if this helps with esophageal cancers. It’s my understanding that they have to really tear up your throat and associated anatomies to treat those cancers. It would be so amazing for patient quality of life if these cancers could be treated with out as much collateral damage


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I agree with you that pseudoscience needs to be separated from actual science, but there's a lot of science behind fasting. There was a good documentary I saw about it on Amazon. If I remember they were mentioning that the USSR had done tons of studies on it but most of those studies never got translated to English which seems like a tragedy. The USSR was serious about science and imagine how much knowledge we are missing out on.

Anyways, if you do a google search you will see lots of studies on longterm fasting and it's heath benefits.


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I don’t know that’s it’s pseudoscience. They’ve been using fasting as treatment for a long time in parts of western and Eastern Europe. Doctors prescribe it and the national insurances cover it. The reason it’s not caught steam here in the US is partially because of how our healthcare system works. There’s no incentive for anyone to produce work and trials showing that fasting works or helps multiple conditions, and therefore insurance won’t cover it.