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Tbh, I parrot the value and then add 5 3 times to double check. One of the other things these chatbots aren't doing is double checking what they just spoke otherwise one of their statements would be immediately followed by another, "oh, that was wrong". Instead you need to prompt them that it was wrong.


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Fortran with better syntax I think would do it. They'd probably have to go the way of carbon and support legacy fortran, but change many other things quite a bit. Still it has matrix operations similar to numpy, whereas, carbon still has matrices as second class citizens... Agreed that there should be a better language for this than Python.


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It's context window is all the planning it can do. Think of a human that has access to lots of information but can only remember the last 8000 tokens of any thought or conversation. There is no long term memory, and you can only extend that window so much. Yann lecun is correct when he says they will not bring about agi. There are many more pieces to the puzzle. It's about as dangerous as the internet or cell phone.


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Reply to comment by Talkat in Google not releasing MusicLM by Sieventer

The researchers aren't interested in working in places they can't publish. There are other places that probably aren't publishing exactly what they are doing, midjourney and womba I think are examples.