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Mine too..she's spoiled. My brother who lives with me HATES this, and hates that I indulge her, but there's no way I am not going to give a thirsty kitty a drink!


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Answer: TikTok is a company that is owned, at least in part, by the Chinese government. They are known to collect TONS of data from users, including location data, and that data is sent back to servers IN CHINA. While the company has tried to deflect and say they are perfectly innocent, there is no real reason to believe that user data harvested by the company isn't being diverted to other, more nefarious purposes, by the Chinese Communist Party and it's spy agencies. Remedies such as relocating the servers to the US where access can be monitored and controlled has been met with resistance, and there are indications that the NSA or CIA or other agencies have found them to be a security risk.


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Depends on who you are. If you in the military, they might want to know your movements, where you go to work, where you live, how often you go to a particular place, what networks your phone connects to, what your bank balance is, etc...

Even what we would consider "inconsequential" data, in the wrong hands, can be used to devastating effect! It might also let them know who might be vulnerable to being compromised.

Let's say, as an example, you worked in a top secret facility developing software for the new F-35 fighters. Let's also say that you were in an extra-marital affair with someone. You had better believe that foreign agents who learn of this would use it to try to blackmail you...this literally happens ALL OF THE TIME.

Just because YOU, PERSONALLY aren't aware of what is going on doesn't mean the US Government is also ignorant. There may be knowledge that the CIA or NSA picked up on that indicates that Tik Tok is a security threat.


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Um, because the rich haven't been paying their fair share for going on 40-50 years now? Or haven't you been paying attention?

I am not talking about you...unless you are making $300,000/yr or more. I have no idea why the poor constantly defend the rich...