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Real problems, or real reactions? Because the problems are our reactions, not the problems. Or are the reactions to the reactions the reactions? I miss the good ol’ days when words had meanings.


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>The failure and injustice of Daniel Shaver’s killing and the resulting sham criminal trial, which made a mockery of the notion of Justice predictably ended in no conviction and to this day casts an ugly shadow over this settlement.

That’s $8M that the citizens of Mesa could have invested in police training, housing the homeless, paying cops more so they can attract higher quality candidates, feeding poor children… anything else.

Cops should pay for their own mistakes, not the communities that are already being harmed by their mistakes. Cops need to be required to carry malpractice insurance, just like any other professionals that make decisions that can mean life or death for the public. And when their mistakes make it too expensive or too difficult to find insurance, they can go flip burgers or hang drywall or something.