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Related to pipes… if the cold weather extremes extend to warm climates, pipes won’t stand a chance. I watched Austin’s MFH world implode when every building had catastrophic pipe bursting because they didn’t insulate for that kind of weather. It was apocalyptic feeling hearing all of the fire alarms going off for days, no water.


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I’m with you. Timber frame construction, specifically in mid to high rise buildings, obviously has come a long way. IF your fire suppression systems fuck up down the line….yikes. That’s why we have inspections and code, but we’re not quite getting any better at those things as time progresses in some regions of this country. (Uneducated opinion)


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It can be rude to the business, and to who is on the other end of your call. It can also be neither if you use common sense. Information security is the same, use common sense.

Dont hijack a spot in a cafe all day. Keep it moving after a little while. These places have very limited seating. Never take important calls in public if you cannot control your environment. If you have a loud ass speaking voice, being on a work call is as bad as someone facetiming with speakerphone on. Common sense defeats all of these issues.

Source: remote worker of 4+ yrs


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I left a good review with a side note that the seating wasn’t very efficient at the time and he responded with snark. Stopped going once Riverbend leveled up. I should’ve done so after paying $9+ for a specialty drink tbh.

We need more coffee competition here. That’s how I measure how far along a city is in its boom. We don’t even have late night cafes yet.


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I grew up in the golden era of Pokémon. Nothing was more intense than wheeling and dealing holos in passing period in elementary school.

Then it got worse. I would make my mom buy me Japanese holos from hobby stores and I would be the weird kid with rare Pokémon’s trade raping others. I still mess around with the GB games on emulators from time to time. So fun.


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Fell asleep on the couch last night, bent ass neck. Woke up at midnight, transferred to concrete slab bed, couldn’t sleep for another 2.5 hours, wake up at 7:30 with bent neck and solidified spine. Time to butt chug espresso.