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It’s nothing. It’s a way to write about the problem (so you can say you covered it to deflect criticism) without actually saying anything about the problem. Same reason we blame PaReNtInG.

Neoliberal outrage at its finest. Peacocking about the problem without seriously examining the causes behind it or even beginning to address solutions.


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How the hell do you know that the person who got hit doesn’t care?
Maybe the person didn’t speak English. Maybe they were afraid of a confrontation. I know I sure as hell would think twice about getting out of my car in DC if I’d just been hit and the other car wasn’t already making the gestures. Maybe one or both of them just didn’t know what to do next.

If I got hit in the middle of a busy intersection and wasn’t really sure what to do, and a cop saw it and just shrugged and drove off, that wouldn’t increase my feelings of confidence or safety, or help me in any way. But heaven forbid we suggest the police actually help people.

In any sane world, a public safety person being in the immediate vicinity of a car accident would be a good thing, even if all it meant was 2 minutes of “everyone good? You both got insurance, you can work this out? Cool, do you need a tow or a push to the shoulder or you got this? Right on, shit happens, stay safe.”

The sub is FILLED with horror stories about car accidents and policy apathy. Clearly it’s a bigger issue than this one accident and it isn’t always some trivial body damage we can all shrug about.

But heaven forbid we want to make the city a better place for someone other than ourselves or our immediate friends/family, or holy shit, someone we’ve never met.

Better to just make excuses about why this isn’t anyone else’s problem and pretend everything’s hunky dory, right?


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I grew up in Reno NV and it's one of the rare international airports that's in the middle of town. Literally right next to the Costco. 15 minute drive from almost anywhere in town, and it's small enough that getting your gate takes about 15 minutes.

I'm very spoiled and it was a rude awakening realizing that most airports are situated outside metro areas and take at least an hour to get to.

DCA spoils me again, usually. It's a gem.