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If one wants to examine pay disparities at top jobs, one should look at the age distribution amongst those top jobs and adjust for racial makeup in said age categories as parts of population over time. I would imagine most of the people in top roles at MS are 45+ and realistically likely 55+.

Based on that, in the 1960s, according the census the US was 88% white, 10.5% black, and <2% any other ethnicity. Of the 88% white, 2% were hispanic. One would anticipate that high earners at MS would be disproportionately white compared to overall US demographics today as high income earners are not entry level workers (although black has stayed fairly steady over time (at ~12% today) so there is a point in that specific demographic).


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I mean.....this does seem like an extreme overreach by adding this into energy saving rules. I 100% support right to repair, but congress needs to get off its ass and act, because gov orgs getting "creative" to effectively shoehorn in legislation is going to keep (rightfully) getting slapped down by the court over and over.