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Hello World! I just joined reddit so I could astroturf vermonters into thinking a rabid zionist fascist who's part of a military dictatorship promoting apartheid is just who we should be listening to for advice!

Please leave you donations in the APAIC tip jar, thanks. All proceeds will be directed to the Urban Empowerment Action PAC!


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montreal (spec. jazz fest), quebec city if inclined for a longer drive.

Enjoy the great outdoors! Take up hunting, fishing, camping; get a small boat + trailer, snow machine

Burlington's novelty wears off fast. Most folk living there rarely venture into the greens and most folk living rural rarely venture into BVT, save for trips to hospital or airport; despite being less than 1 hour away. We are all creatures in need of motivation to get un-horizontal :)


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Oh, well, never mind (in Emily Latella voice)

Winters' not as bad past 5-6 years as was past 10-20; less need for front-end loaders in driveway moving snowbanks back. Get a snowblower if able. All seasons on AWD, snows on FWD work so long as you're not in the storm proper.

Food, lots to buy from farms nextdoor (milk, eggs, beef/pork) supermarkets for the usual, farmers' markets for nicer/organics.

VT coffee roasters is avail at every gas/convenience store in 802, GMroasters is great! That should answer your ?'s

But you don't know what you don't know, so enjoy surfing on the learning curve!


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If you have kids, they'll likely hate you for it; unless you are coming from a very rural place already. Over 1/2 the kids can't wait to hit +18 and leave the State; and they're living in even more desirable areas. Lots of the rest, specially in NEK are quiverfull's, home schooled, and very cloistered.

If you're DINKS, and can WFH, then congrats; your only challenge will be fitting into the community, which is also pretty clannish.

Not much to add re: Newport/Lowell/Derby.... assuming you've been there and scoped it out. Not terribly unlike rural 802 anywhere; but you may want to consider Montgomery (Center) or even Lowell.


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20yrs w/a coop. Sometimes the box of Spring Chicks (~40) from Sand Hill Preservation would be 10-15 boys. We'd keep them a couple of few months, save the gentlest and eat the rest. Chewy but good in soup.

One year I loaded 2 or 3 into the SUV nightly (x4) and drove to nearby State forest and let them loose. I figured better to live free for a short spell than the pending axe. Heard stories all summer long about roosters calling out in the deep woods :)

One can get attached to older hens but a great rooster over 5-8 years goes sorely missed.


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Post-secondary education is feeling The squeeze everywhere. Without bringing in higher paying out of state students no VT State college can survive. This fact becomes more acute knowing the smartest and best students just want to GTF out of Vermont when they graduate high school.

One of the reasons why castleton does well while NVU and VTC suffer


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Geez I've been singing that mantra for 25 years! Emphasize health minimize criminality. Cell scheduled drugs in shops similar to medicinal cannabis. Impose once a week therapy session for every order

Make Vermont whole. Make red opium a legal substitute for heroin, smoke it. Make cocoa leaf and alternative to cocaine, chew it. Make injection sites safe and manageable.

Cut the black market out as much as possible. You could even pair it with physician assisted suicide for those so depressed they can't go on.

Make little Vermont the forward-looking state that others can emulate.


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u/SaveOurLibrariesVSU is a noble but fruitless cause (IMO)

I love libraries, stacks filled with books, the value of librarians to society writ-large. I loathe what's being perpetuated on them, by ignorance and mean-spirit, in school boards across the nation.

That said, and noting that library closings are unrelated to censorship, they don't serve the purpose they once used to. Yes, the price of digitizing is not cheap; yes, some rarer books will be harder to come by; yes, it's sad to see this sorry decline.

But all the sentiments aren't going to change the reality that most learning can be done in front of a screen or that the printed page is a yesterday phenom. Hopefully, this cuts down the price of 'textbooks' and overall cost of an education as well.


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VT and ME are the 2 poorest and least populated States in NE.

Spouse is 20yrs in VSC (now VSU) academic support. It's heartbreaking to see the impact, on students and staff alike, happening in response to hard ground truths. The decline has been long and steady. VT has more 1st gen students than most anywhere in the north; State support for higher ed is paltry. K-12 is facing class shrinkage and higher costs, while depending on federal monies which is increasingly shifting to supporting/vouchering charter and privatized/religious education.

Meanwhile, since 2020 most students have gotten jiggy with the online world. Many/most will admit they don't go to libraries for the books. Newer genZ and beyond will be moreso.

To make matters worse, all the funding that goes into K-12 (including your edu taxes) does little more than make someplace else more literate; considering over 50% leave upon graduation.

And I doubt things will improve until such time as there are more jobs paying livable wages for new grads looking to make a life here; which flies in the face of rural VT being a mostly boring place to grow up or be single in (e.g. why they left in the 1st place). Specially under the mounting pressure of gentrification, high COL, sparse housing and rising wealth inequality.

I don't envy the Chancellors office or their board facing these tough calls, regardless of the politics or finances behind it.

The 'conjoining' of Johnson and Lyndonville into NVU tried to put a band-aid on a bullet wound. The 'new' president resulted in overworked over-commuted faculty and staff and shifted many of the the desirable majors from J to L; despite Lyndonville having a much poorer track record than Johnson.

To me, this is an indicator that the Johnson campus is on the chopping block; mostly by virtue of its campus being too far off the beaten track. That ultimately VSU will be VTC, Castleton and Lyndonville based, but virtualized throughout the State.

RE: internet - maybe starlink will help (but F EL just the same)


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I've not been here too long, but Bangor suits me OK. Short drive to the coast, east to the barans, north to moosehead area.

32K, 65K if you include Brewer in the metro area; plenty of amenities for a smallish city. Lots of parks, City Woods, and the like. Hopefully the new funding will get put to good use downtown.

Would like to see a Community Boathouse on the river, more activity at the harbor. Bangor would be a good place for call-centers I think; the neighborhoods are mostly safe and happy places.

And, calling BS on posters bitchin' dopers and bums everywhere ya look. It just ain't so. Most are polite and even the unhoused on the Kenduskeag have their shit more than less together. And places on Center St take up the slack where VTave agencies/shelters can't.


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> have grown less... fire-y over time about it all, especially when it comes to talking about isms and ists.

I hear that. Me too :)

And thanks for the John Lewis words of perseverance and fortitude, reminders help!

People generally don't change until they're ready to, often when faced with some harsh reality (like sickness/death/loss ...) I'd like to share your optimism insofar as making meaningful change happen, but ground truths make me feel we are facing insurmountable hurdles. That still doesn't mean we can't laugh, love, tell our stories and be our best selves possible.

> Hopefully 100 years from now our descendents ...

Will not all be miserable or the spawn of an entitled 1% in a world with billions less people calling it home :)

I don't envy kids today in the world 20 years from now, let alone the next century. Their story will be the legacy of ours today.

Anyhow, thanks for the great reply and be well!