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You have destroyed to true meaning of the word fascist calling Republicans that is a joke. I doubt you even know what it truly means. Also at this point I’ve lived in Massachusetts for almost 25 years and as a Jew I’ve never seen a community act like they have the moral high ground but continue time and time again to turn a blind eye to the states Jewish harassment problem which no one Ik has had this happen in the south state of Florida. This state prides itself on being a welcoming area to all but it’s a false sense of reality. I can no longer live in an area that doesn’t respect civil liberties. You can continue living in the lie which shows me your either ignorant or just don’t care about the state real racist problems.


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It amazes me how people here put themselves on a pedestal and act like they know more then everyone else. Let’s face the facts taxes in Massachusetts are going up for almost every citizen and overall cost of living is out of control. More people are now leaving the state then are coming here, why because we r failing our citizens. So to act like Massachusetts has so moral superiority is ridiculous. States like Texas and Florida are being flooded with people because they are meeting citizens needs unlike Massachusetts.


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This state has a crumbling infrastructure and the rift between rich and poor is so big most don’t even talk about it. Go drive past Worcester and tell me those towns are taken care off. Most of the DEMOCRAT state reps and senators out there do nothing to help.


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lol it’s funny you call Florida and Texas shit holes when more people are leaving states like California and MASSACHUSETTS. For states like Florida and Texas. Why because the parties in power are doing things to make there state affordable unlike unaffordable Massachusetts.


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The point I’m making is that a huge part of Massachusetts goes unnoticed and when in witnessed and talked to the people that lived there I was appalled by the scope of the problem. This isn’t just a rural problem it’s very simple if you don’t live in the coast where the money is. The legislature doesn’t see that your worth there time.


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Look up Westminster PFAS these are the only article I can find you don’t really have to pay for. PS- this PFAS problem is pressing in this state and the legislature has chosen to allow there citizens to get exposed to cancer causing agents instead of spending the money that it needs to in order to fix the problem.


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I’ve worked out there with those state reps and senators. When I say this I’m not saying the (MassGOP) is the answer because it’s run by idiots. However I’ve seen what one party rule does in western Massachusetts. Democrats don’t feel they have to do significant things because they own the state. For god sakes there is a town in western Massachusetts names Westminster that has been contaminated with toxic chemicals in there drinking water. Instead of helping them they do only the minimal to get by. Go drive there and you’ll see gallon jugs at everyone’s driveway because it’s so unsafe to drink but they still shower with it and now it’s causing cancer. This state doesn’t care about western Massachusetts simply because it doesn’t have to. They invest all the money they get out there on dog parks and walking paths when I’ve met communities that can’t afford heat.


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Depends on which highway your on in my opinion. 495 is way different then route 114.