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They’re at least as weird but o found that each season has a pretty easy to understand core to it.

I also really enjoy the visuals.


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That’s true if they own it. I was basically talking about the owners as the producers but I know it’s more complicated than that.

HBO can keep making unlimited shows based on Game of Thrones but I’m pretty sure D and D had the right to conclude the main story which is why it was so controversial to have a conclusion to a story that the author didn’t have a conclusion to.


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I didn’t want anything from you.

I made a true statement and people are acting like he’s supposed to be the hero of the show for some reason rather than what he very clearly was throughout- a side character.

Being upset about that is not something I have much control over, so until someone comes up with a storyline that indicates how crucial he continued to be in the story, I’ll just accept the notion that many disagree with my sound assessment and move on.


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There is most certainly a character arc.

There’s tons of pointless death in the show and it seems silly to pretend Selmy’s character held more weight than others.

Quite frankly he was always just a servant for the other main characters.

There is nothing he provides except context for last actions which is important but never an ongoing necessity.

You can blame the writers all you want but you still haven’t given any evidence that his character has any chance if surviving much longer in the book narrative.


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Arya is the most level headed Stark.

She hasn’t had a story that focused on intimacy before and Gendry was a connection strong enough for people discussing them throughout the entire run of the series.

People tend to say the same thing about Sansa and it comes across that people equate trauma with asexuality when plenty of people who have faced trauma also have sexual desire after the trauma.


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Tyrion isn’t at that point in the book.

The storyline is different but the circumstances aren’t. He is literally heading out of the gate to face a mercenary army of thousands.

Tyrion is still a slave.


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I’m not sure who was right in this one but Julianna Marguiles was supposed to a featured guest on Good Fight but wanted the same pay scale as she had in Good Wife for her appearances.

Producers said no, but the end result was she was basically given a new personality in a scene where she just stopped talking to her friends, her best friend was a lead in Good Fight, and then eventually moved to New York.

The funny thing is it almost matches up with the changes she was going through in Good Wife’s final season. lol l