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> Law was out of jail on bond when she allegedly returned to the South Houston synagogue last Friday – the same day she missed a scheduled court appearance related to the Jan. 14 incident – according to the DA's office.

She was out on one and committed a new crime and missed her court hearing. Things you shouldn’t do when on bail.


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America: Drugs are bad you should go to jail and have your life ruined (especially if you’re black).

Also America: Hey black people could you buy some drugs from then military so we can secretly fund people who will kill nuns and people who don’t think our companies should exploit them!


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It’s crazy how long it can take when the police are in the wrong. Had a cop say I “confessed” to a crime and first thing my lawyer asked was for his body cam footage.

We’re still waiting months later and if they don’t deliver soon the case will be dismissed just from statute of limitations expiring. But that’s telling us everything we need to know: when the police have evidence, they show it. When they have excuses, they slow walk it.