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Thank you for your service. Otherwise, let me know when that great Chinese firewall has actually been implemented here. Otherwise you're just fear mongering in an attempt to undermine this country's attempts to police itself against such entities as the Chinese Communist party among another things... and that's a fact that isn't debatable. Also I stated no personal insults - but obviously you feel a need to take things as such. Victim much? The GDPR will be unenforceable without any direct proof. Do you really expect China to store the evidence of spying through TIkTok on servers here, where it can be detected?


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I don't see the wisdom in allowing China to operate here in ways they would never let us or anyone else, operate there. Maybe you should go live in China if you think it's such a great place, comparatively. Or maybe you already do? That would definitely explain your position. It's one thing for one's own country to do internal surveillance, but a whole other thing entirely to let another politically adverserial country do it inside your borders, eh?


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I remember him claiming that it was feasible to draw energy (electricity) out of the "ether". I guess depending on how you define his terminology it could be seen as fundamentally different, but then the more we refine our definitions, the more abstract and removed from how we actually experience reality they become.


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The plugs (anchors) that come with TV mounts are only to be used in masonry. You need to mount it into the studs for a drywall application. Lucky you messed it up the first time, because it probably would not have held.


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Lol ok - was that statement incorrect? Just pointing out that there are those that will never be publicly happy with any decision made by any Democrat no matter what - except to gloat over their supposed mistakes. Such people thrive on controversy and would not know what to do without it.


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".....compulsive sexual behavior is related to religious practices requiring intense commitment and inflexible expectations for belief and behavior. The study found that when moral disapproval is utilized to maintain religious commitment and behaviors, there seems to be a connection between religiosity and compulsive sexual behaviors." Not sure what the value of this correlation is - how do we know that overly compulsive people are not just inherently attracted to those types of religious practices?