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Others have done the heavy lifting but I'll add a few thoughts I haven't seen so far.

The governor is a married lesbian and it literally wasn't in the general conversation during the election. Maybe I live under a rock but I didn't know that about her until after the race was called.

We've been seeing periodic demonstrations by right-wing hate groups. Most memorably last year's Southie parade. They weren't welcome and importantly, someone tracked them down... They came from out-of-state. THEY ARE NOT US. Some asshole tried to start a rally on the Common (note: singular) a couple years ago and his crew of about 20 ran away when faced with thousands of angry counterprotestors. They lasted minutes. It would be laughable if it wasn't such a terrible cause.

We don't generally go for megachurches. Religion around here is something done privately if at all.

The most hate you're going to get is if you wear orange in a bar on March 17, wear a Yankees hat ever, or drive slowly, especially in the left lane. Avoid those behaviors and you'll be fine.


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Only comment I have that others haven’t said is that WPI used to (may still, I don’t know) have a reputation for never canceling classes for weather. They did it once when I was an undergrad, when we got like 2 feet of snow and it didn’t get above freezing for over 10 days, and even then classes were only cancelled for a day or two while the snow got cleared. All the other colleges and the public schools were closed for a week at that point. So the cold weather gear is that much more important.