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Used to see them frequently in central CT (Berlin/meriden/southington) - now only see them maybe 3-5 times in a whole year.

Coyotes decimated them where I am. I hear the coyotes almost every night


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Sorry but this blog is wayyy off - Yale students leave New Haven because there isn’t enough employment opportunity there and because the city isn’t really growing.

Most people go to school to prepare themselves for a career, and then they move to where the best opportunity exists. Unfortunately CT just doesn’t have nearly as much opportunity as say, NYC or Boston, and it’s just not growing like the south is (for example Charlotte NC).

New Haven is just stuck in the mud unfortunately, but I have high hopes for it in the long run given proximity to NYC


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HSR lines through CT that have stops in CT (doesn’t need to be many) would turbo charge our economy. As it stands, outside of certain parts of Fairfield County, much of CT is looked at as an economic no-go for employers because it just makes more sense to locate directly in Boston or NYC…

You’re so worried about equity but you seem to not realize that our cities will simply continue to languish unless something changes dramatically. I think the state could do better with what it has too (just take a look at the area around Union Station…where is the development…what a waste) - but the reality is that our recent favorable budget position is largely due to federal stimulus and we can easily go back to a scenario where we are struggling to make it balance every year.


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People already prefer the burbs over New Haven. You can’t even send your kids to school in New Haven, the education system there is so bad.

New Haven could explode with growth and prosperity but it can’t ever get out of its own way (local alderman politics), nor does the state sufficiently rally around it. I mean look at New Haven union station and the area around it - what should be a bustling economic center, linked by transit to one of the most prosperous metropolises in the world (nyc), yet it’s a joke.


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Reply to comment by brewski in street harassment by Cool-Jacket4854

Lol numerous people have OD’d in the New Haven green in one weekend along - it’s getting used for much more than just a “public space”.

It’s just a shame is all, because it could be a boon for New Haven but instead it’s widely known (and accurately so) as a place mostly for drug addicts and severely mentally ill to do whatever the fuck they want