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Rather than see their art portfolio you want to know their voting history? There will only be 1 person in that room who cares about politics to that degree and thats going to be you. You can get your rebel message at any shop


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The T travels between towns so the T police have jurisdiction on any crimes committed on T property. The are a number of assaults on the T daily they handle all of those. They do sometimes ride the T in plain clothes but not in uniform. There is no appetite for the T police to ride in uniform some people consider that in itself violence.


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dwellings would not face a cap on rent increases if their permanent occupancy certificates are less than 15 years old and they were built from the ground up, added to an existing building or converted from another use to residential.


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New Luxury housing is financed by banks. Banks wont give financing if units are rent controlled because the numbers will not work. Thats why even the affordables can be an issue and why Wu is proposing waiving that requirement for the first 15 years