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> Not to mention sometimes charges are stacked up to incentivize people to plea down to a lesser charge even if they couldn't convict

You mean nearly all the time. The cops will even lie before they even charge you with something. They'll tell you you'll be charged with 10+ things and say really nicely "but we'll just charge you for this 1 thing if you plead guilty".



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I can't say I understand the reasoning behind it. There are diminishing returns on it, and 4tbsp is a friggan ton. I liberally shake a bottle of it over some of our food and MAYBE would end up using 1tbsp in an entire skillet/pan of something. OP also comes across as a bit elitist and rude.


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The US government says a lot of stupid shit on an hourly basis. The majority of which are crusty old morons who barely know how to use a smartphone. They have almost no knowledge whatsoever and just pass on prewritten bills to be passed. I doubt most of them could even tell you how much a pair of regular underwear costs.


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Don't bring up rational solutions to irrational people.

Think of the corporations!

We just had a company meeting for IT, and someone asked about raises and when and how much. Got a general response about 3% being the national norm. Someone called them out on it and said that's still a 5% pay decrease with inflation as it is. They stopped the meeting lol.

The company only makes a few billion in profit a year. They can't afford raises or good medical coverage. Gotta give those investors their cash rewards and 20+ millions bonuses to upper level management.


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like it or not, AHRAB - All HR Are Bastards.

The only way most of them will be helpful is if they absolutely know you have them by the shorthairs OR if it could cost them more money to ignore you.


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Let's hypothetically say everyone stopped consuming meat and dairy.

Do you (or anyone else) really think that the people that owns that land who are now going to be 100% broke because their livelihood has been taken away are going to just say "oh, I'll just start planting trees that will make me no money"?

Do you expect that the government would pay the going rate for the land? Should they just use eminent domain if the owners don't want to sell?

Throwing around "solutions" with no real way to implement them is pretty pointless. This isn't even touching on the fact that the elite with $$$$$$ rule the world. They've peddled misinformation for decades and decades. They got world governments wrapped around their fingers.

We can all do our little bits to try and help (I do, but it's a drop in the bucket) but unless the billionaires stop polluting we're fucked.


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> Homie that is the exact opposite of settling.

No it's not. You're changing the definition on people.

They wanted that job, but realized the baggage that came with it. If they want the job but can't have it because of X bullshit, that's called settling for something else.

They way you're interpreting it then there is no such thing as settling because settling itself is a choice.

Choosing an inferior outcome for any reason is settling.


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Really hope you're not a counselor.

Hey you, I know you just got diagnosed with cancer and have 2 weeks to live, and your 3 young kids won't have a father anymore, but stop grieving it's a waste of time.

If you can't see how stupid you look with that attitude then you can't be helped. Grieving is a natural part of human existence.