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The treatments are generally cash-only and cost $400-600 per treatment. It's frustrating that you must pay so much for a $10 street drug.

Edit: Apparently $20-25 is a more realistic price. Point stands: street drug is cheap; treatment is expensive.


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He was fine.

> "I couldn’t believe it. He was walking down the beach, he had an umbrella, his glasses and he had a COVID mask on still," his sister, Brittney Crumpton, told KARK.

> It's still not clear how McCourt got to Texas or why he left his home.

Without that, this isn't much of a story. Just another headline for ad clicks that isn't 'news' at all.


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You are describing the impact of anything not rooted in defensible truth. Nonsense has been the blight of the modern world since the dawn or critical thought. That’s ~2500 years of struggle between thinking and following.

Edit: Writing appears 3500-3000 BCE, but the first writings about reasoning/critical thought don't appear until ~500 BCE. There is no actual evidence of conflict between reasoning and believing prior to then, and that's a long period of writing without a single mention. Before the early Greek thinkers, there doesn't appear to have been much. Knowledge was scarce and reason even more so. And after the decline of Classical civilization, it was almost completely lost to the 'West' for centuries until the Greek texts were rediscovered by the Arabs. Had they not done so, many might have been lost forever.


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If we had a functioning legislature and judiciary, it already would be.

It's absolutely absurd that the state can confer different levels of access to essential end of life care.

We are entering a period of unprecedented death. The trade press actually calls it "The Golden Age of Death", and we are going to wish we had these policies in place before we end up in the middle of it.


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My kids have computer class in jr high. Last week they were handed a printout of an html page to display a table.

They typed the text from the page into their chromebooks. The teacher gave no context, didn’t explain what html is or what it’s for, didn’t even tell them what it stood for.

Even when we do try to teach them modern things, we do it so poorly and with such unqualified instruction that the time is effectively wasted.


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High gdp per capita countries have also experienced a divergence of asset and income inflation, which may contribute to a general malaise among young people who see their prospects reduced compared to generations ahead of them. Combine that with an education that has not evolved much despite the economy and technology evolving substantially…


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> Although the cause is still uncertain, the result starved the Earth's oceans of oxygen for nearly half a million years, causing the extinction of approximately 27 percent of marine invertebrates, including certain planktic and benthic foraminifera, mollusks, bivalves, dinoflagellates and calcareous nannofossils.[16] The global environmental disturbance that resulted in these conditions increased atmospheric and oceanic temperatures.