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I guess I'm confused as to what you thought I said wrong or "dinging" the state... I think NH is a great place to live.

I said "not much engineering except for down south or in Mass".

How many total engineering jobs do you think are in the state?


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There is a factory in my town that does have a job posted every once in a while. But it is small. There are more factories in more urban areas that I personally would rather not be in (or commute to); so I never really considered it for myself.

My guess is that it is "robust" per capita, but not compared to a real city since the whole state has the population of a city... :)


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For the last couple of years, there have been jobs everywhere. I haven't seen the signing bonus signs in a while (they were offering multiple thousands of dollars a year ago for fast food and others).

Not very much engineering, other than far south or commuting to Mass. I don't like commuting and didn't want to live in the expensive suburban south, so waited until I was self-employed before I moved back home (rural south) ten years ago.

But now there are so many remote jobs for engineering, that doesn't even matter any more.


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Once it is really warm we do that, but not as cold as most commenters have been saying.

We live in a Victorian, and when we moved in we got an energy audit (through - rates are currently 75% off - you should do it, will definitely save you money) and all of our air left the house every 15 minutes, so no "freshening" needed.

Now that we've sealed up a bunch and insulated more, etc, I think we are up to one air change every 1.6 hours, so not too bad for a 140 year old house.


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I just watched "Swing Vote" last night, where the presidential election came down to one guy who had a weird instance voting so got to recast his ballot a week later and had both candidates courting his vote, etc. Pretty funny.

And he was a guy who always said one vote didn't matter...


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A couple kids had colds last week and I was feeling chilly too so we turned the pellet stove on a few hours in the morning a couple days. We won't turn on the oil for a while more yet. And with oil prices so high, we'll likely use the pellet stove more this winter.

I was born here and I didn't know the "keep my heat off for as long as possible to brag to others" was a thing until a few years ago

I turn it on when I'm cold.

As a side note, check out for the energy audit - we've had two and save at least $1000 in fuel each year and have a warmer house in the winter and cooler in the summer.