jordantask t1_jasktzz wrote

It’s not excessive.

She was charged with almost 800 counts. Each count has an arbitrary bond of $25k. If you add up the total amount of bond for each count you end up with $18 million.

When she has an actual bond hearing the judge will probably overturn the arbitrary bond number and award something more reasonable.


jordantask t1_ja8u6ta wrote

You hit the nail on the head.

Not that I’m saying Brendan Fraser doesn’t deserve to be honoured but all of this feels like a massive overcompensation or overcorrection to how they treated him in the past to make Me Too seem more credible. Almost like they forgot about him and then realized last minute that they should be treating him better.

Never forget that this so called “academy” and “guild” includes people who kept quiet for decades to cover for the likes of Harvey Weinstein and his ilk, and continues to this day to celebrate Roman Polanski.