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Absolutely, it was terrible. I went to renew my license once and at the time I wore contacts with one eye corrected to see distance and one less corrected for close up. I failed the eye test. I went home, got my glasses, came back, got back in line, waited hours, and passed the test. It took a ridiculous amount of time and two managers to override the failed eye test and approve my license. Sort of my fault, but a crazy amount of time and work to fix.


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Moving a lot of the annoying bureaucracy online has been so great. I just paid my auto registration/inspection fee/neighborhood parking pass on line and got my registration card and sticker in the mail in a few days. I remember when you had to spend at least half a day at the DMV to do anything.

I had to go there in person to the DMV a couple of years ago to update my license to a real ID and it wasn't bad at all. Waited less than an hour, all the employees were helpful and cheery. The DMV used to suck so bad.


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I agree. People should google first and not clutter the sub with low-effort questions.

Also the post violates Rule 10 of the sub, so people shouldn't have answered at all.


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I've been seeing a doctor lately and they have lots of Covid questions. I was concerned since they ask about travel and asked if it would be okay to come right after I travel for the holidays. She said sure they're just collecting for contract tracing. I assumed it has to do with covering their asses legally just in case.


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And put your f-cking blinker on before the light changes!! I don't know how many times I've pulled up behind someone in the left lane and no blinker. Then the light changes and the left blinker comes on and now I'm stuck. This is not how this works! What the f-ck?


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I know Capitol Hill United Methodist Church was helping when they were bussing them to Union Station. From what I saw on the news last night, it looked like Catholic Charities was involved. You might want to contact both of these. At one point CHUMC was asking for backpacks.


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Yeah, I haven't done much in person shopping since the start of the pandemic but want the stores to be there when I want to shop in the future. I know, of course, that's not how things work.

I did go to the Tiffany's at Friendship Heights this year and it was dead. But it was a work day that I had off. Maybe it's busier during the weekend. I can't imagine that DC needs two Tiffany's. And a sales associate at the one in City Center told me they get a lot of tourist traffic, which is now coming back. I doubt many tourists go to Friendship Heights. I don't expect that one to last.