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>The laws do literally nothing!

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The gun laws aren't perfect. We get that. But there is a direct correlation between gun laws, gun ownership, and death by guns. If there are more guns available, if it's easier to get those guns, then there are more people dying by those guns.

MA has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and also one of the lowest rates of gun deaths in the country.

It's just like smoking laws. If you make cigs cheap, easy to get, no ID, allow smoking everywhere... then more people will smoke and subsequently die from lung cancer. Even people who don't smoke will die. If you ban cigs, tax them, ban indoor smoking, etc, then fewer people will smoke and, thus, fewer people will die from lung cancer.


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Many of those positions go to students & teens (i.e., people who don't have tons of work experience). They're still in school, maybe living with their parents. If you've been in the workforce for many years, you're too over-qualified for an entry level position. You'd be applying for a more senior role which comes with more pay. In theory anyway...

But in reality:

  • Roommates, partner/spouse's income, live with parents/family.
  • Multiple jobs.
  • Live in a cheaper neighborhood like Vernon Hill or Clark as opposed to West Tatnuck. Or leave the city and commute. Whatever it takes.
  • Look into government assistance like Section 8, EBT/WIC, etc. The threshold for a lot of these things can be surprisingly high especially if you have kids.

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0% effective because there's nothing in Reddit's TOS that says mods have to behave in a fair & transparent manner. That's why there are so many shitty Reddit mods, lol. They can be total unhinged loonies like that mod.

Any mod can ban anyone from their subreddit for any reason they see fit including "disagreeing with your comment" as unfair as it may seem. They can ban their entire community if they want. It would be up to the subreddit's other mods to stop that from happening by revoking mod privileges, reversing bans, etc.

Reddit as the corporate parent isn't going to do anything to intervene in a subreddit unless it's a violation of TOS -- harassment / doxxing, voting manipulation, illegal activity, etc.


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That mod started their own subreddit where they basically post threads with titles directly addressing the people that were banned.

He says shit like, “I’m on the right side of history.” Completely delusional, man.

I got banned for commenting (as an Asian person) in the thread asking where other Asians live, eat, hang out, etc.


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Nah, there's no depth... Ultimately, that person's argument is, "I find it annoying how popular things get lots of attention and less popular things don't get enough attention."

That's like being a big fan of some obscure indie band and being annoyed how people will pay $500+ to see some generic pop act but not even give your favorite band a chance. Then the band gets a hit song and suddenly they're immensely popular and now you loathe them because they "sold out."

It's stupid. Just eat the food. Just listen to the music.


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They just built a new one in my town. Gotta say the food quality is surprisingly decent. They've got an actual kitchen back there with people cooking food. It's the same vibes as the gas stations & convenience stores in the South & Midwest -- Buc-ee's, WaWa, Sheetz, etc.

If I was in a rush and had to choose between Alltown or typical fast food, I'd probably go to Alltown. It isn't half bad.


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That's cute but thieves aren't selling stolen cats at Farmers Markets & Swap Meets on the weekends. They're selling 'em to shady-ass scrap yards and custom auto shops who are more than happy to take a stolen cat off the books and split the profits.

They don't give a fuck if it's got "I AM STOLEN" with your address, phone number, and self-portrait etched into the side.


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For what it's worth, the deductible and OOP max only come into play when you're actually undergoing expensive procedures -- child birth, surgery, rehab/PT, etc.

Otherwise, if you're young / healthy / no kids then regular preventative care as part of most coverage is very cheap (if not covered entirely). It's really ~$5k/yr to carry insurance and no risk... versus the tax penalty plus a massive financial risk of being bankrupted by a hospital stay. These medical procedures ain't cheap and they itemize everything.

I think they billed us for "fresh air" when my daughter was born.


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Check with local animal shelters & humane societies. Sometimes they need people to help clean the kennels, work the charitable events, etc.

Check with local farms & CSAs. A lot of them are volunteer-based and need locals to help.

Check with the hospitals (Worcester, Framingham, Milford, Fitchburg, Leominster, etc). Some accept volunteers to help with basic administrative stuff.

Check with your town. They need volunteers to work the polls during elections. My aunt does it (and bombards me with messages telling me to vote).


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Yeah yeah... cops suck, fuck cops, I hate cops, ACAB, we don't need cops. I get it. I don't like cops either.

But I also live in reality where police are still part of the equation. The kid who robbed me at gunpoint while I was coming out of the laundromat didn't care about politics. He only cared that police foot patrols were cut back so there weren't cops literally walking the block anymore. Easy money.


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What about the police? They're very much public employees with a strong-as-hell union. Are they included in this?

The police union will inevitably decide to use their new-found leverage to go on strike whenever it suits them. If we try to push police reform or accountability? Strike. Trying to stop the crazy amount of police over-spending? Strike. Trying to fire a corrupt police chief who all the cops love? Strike.

The state will acquiesce every single time because, as much as we hate cops, we decidedly can't have ZERO police for an extended time. That's the reality.


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Boston always gets a pass for being the economic & cultural hub for all of New England. Their crime & school rankings may not be #1 but the city makes up for it with literally everything else -- highly-regarded companies, great restaurants & bars, lots of entertainment, multiple pro sports teams, world-class museums, world-class universities, public transpo, etc.

Fall River? Worcester? Not so much.


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But without Metrowest NIMBYs to lean on, how will Massholes brag that our state is so superior to other states? The NIMBYs have the best schools, the best test scores, the safest towns, access to the best healthcare, the healthiest populations, etc. Without them, we're... average.

Worcester, Lowell, Framingham, Fall River -- these are not exactly cities to brag about. We need the NIMBYs so we can continue shouting at everyone that, "MA is better than your state! Just look at the stats, baby!"