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Took the train back in the day to college. Got tired of real fast. You just started using trains. Watch when you get those annoying delays shit sucks. Like when you want to go home you get out early and during midday even was a long wait depending on the time like half hour. But not that long. Then imagine if there is a delay, you got out early now stuck waiting. Also, you get constant delays at times. For one day the train is 15 minutes late. One day 30 minutes late. Your dependent on someone's schedule all the time. Your a prisoner can't leave when you want and just go home. The worst is nighttime if you had a late class. There was like one train and had to wait like 49 minutes for it. After that, there was one like an hour later. Many times you caught waiting a half hour. Then shit if you want to eat and are hungry but you want to get home on time ughhh.

Shit forgot to mention the shuttle to the train, which has delays too. Your first dependent on that schedule then the train. At night the shuttle doesn't come to every 5 minutes. Takes fucking forever.


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There's only one way to do it you set a routine on the app.

How do your turnit on then? by saying hey alexa or hey Google? It's much easier just to hit the switch.

Also, the freaking light has a default setting for white light. I set it this as the default, but then it still gives yellow light sometimes when turned on. The yellow ugly light it loves. I checked the app, and my default is the same, so why do this cuz it sucks but seriously have not found Philips useful at all and so pricey. And no function.


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I don't believe so there a hit and miss. I have them set routine to turn on at a certain time. Then after it does ot turns off have to turn on routine agin. Then when routine is on won't turn off at that time like what?

Also how is it better then motion sensor. You have to take out your phone and open the app to turn on the light. Or tell Google to do it instead you can be carefree after a tired night out half asleep no headache walk up and boom there is light from 10 feet away your 10 feet away and the light hits you.


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I got the Philips hue 2 bulbs the ones that chnage colors. They had a deal with the white ones that came with the bridge and not the color ones. That was probably my mistake. I should have gotten the bridge. But didn't want the color changing ones.