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Mine goes up because of idiots that don't slow down in snow/ice, people who "left" you, people that wait at a green light w/o entering the intersection, and red light runners. Getting "lefted" is way less common than it was a few years ago, it's when the car facing you in an intersection and is first in line guns it across the intersection on green, cutting you off. Common at certain intersections. And the green light waiters make it inevitable that you sit for multiple light cycles at an intersection.


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I have two powerwall batteries installed and they have been seamless for the power outages we have experienced. This last storm they provided electricity for the entire house for the duration of the outage. (Fifteen hours). They ran the outdoor hot tub, two refrigerators, a freezer, the heat and lights and media. At $15 per month for each battery over the ten year lifespan it will be several thousand dollars less than installing a generator. Also there is no maintenance on the batteries. So far very happy with them.