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Never heard of the brand you're commenting on but if it is in fact 16m, that would be the upper end of pure capsaicin. Essentially, that's not a pepper and not meant to be eaten raw. This can cause extreme physical harm. Either they're lying about the scoville rating or they're inviting lawsuits.

I love hot foods but ingesting something 3x that of pepper spray is asking for a trip to the hospital. Or they're lying.


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If you go LED, you can typically string a ton of strands together per 20A breaker. I think I typically string 20 strands of 100 bulbs together without issues. They make waterproof surge protectors and waterproof extensions for snow and rain. Make sure you plug into a GFI outlet and if your waterproofing fails, you can reset the GFI outlet and look for the failure.