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I’ve been to Apex on a company outing a few years back! The laser tag was pretty basic but fun! Plenty of ramps and hiding spots.

The arcade was decent, not as big as Jillian’s or anything but they had a bunch of newer games. Not much in the way of classic stuff like pinball if that’s more your jam.

We also did an escape room at the time which was fun but looking at their website it seems they may have nixed that option


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Ah, ok! That makes more sense.

So, central square is by no means dangerous, but the area does have a few homeless people who tend to congregate around the bus stop near the train station. For the most part, they will leave you alone as long as you mind your own business. They may approach you to ask for money. I think you will be fine commuting from that area but just something to keep in mind.

In general Cambridge is exceptionally safe.


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I think you are confused. Braintree is quite far from Cambridge, like the opposite end of the red line. Is the Airbnb in Cambridge or Braintree? Both are quite safe but Braintree is considerably less walkable, so you might want to be cautious of the route you’ll need to take to get to the Braintree stop if that’s where you’ll be staying


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I mean… unethical pro tip: after like the third inning you can just sit wherever you want tbh, as long as it’s not a super sold out game like a Yankees game or something. I have a good friend who can get me in the back door of Fenway with no ticket, and I always sit pretty close to the field and no one bats an eye.

So my advice is to get some cheaper seats and then just move up. Of course if someone comes and says you’re in their seats, apologize and move right away. And don’t call too much attention to yourself.


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They are just Kayem hot dogs, you can get them in any grocery store. Sorry to burst your bubble. Supposedly they are boiled then grilled but tbh… they just taste like a regular old hot dog to me 😂 the only thing special about it is eating it at a ball game with some cracker jacks and a cold beer. Oh and I guess the split top bun is uncommon in other regions, but it’s standard here.

There will probably be a sausage guy outside MGM if you see a show there, theirs are pretty good and you can eat it while standing right outside of Fenway lmao.

If you’re into hot dogs and have time, I would recommend checking out Casey’s diner in Natick. Real old fashioned place that uses a steamer that’s like a hundred years old. They also have old fashioned melts like a chopped ham. And ice cream floats and pie. My kinda place.


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That was SUCH unfortunate timing. Ubers were like $5 to go anywhere and it was still a new thing, so you could get a ton of free rides by referring friends. That trial was during my prime “going out” years and we did use the late night T occasionally but if you had more than 2 people it was cheaper to Uber lol


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The vast majority of households have 2 working parents nowadays so it’s more challenging for most people to coordinate last-minute childcare. So when we have a storm like this where it could end up being worse than anticipated, it’s best to make the call early. I guess in this case they determined the worst case scenario storm would still be fine for getting kids to school.