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There are more than enough Catholics who don’t agree with the incumbent pope and there always have been - including canonized saints like St Teresa of Avila and St Catherine of Siena - both of whom chastised popes in their lifetime for misconduct or neglect of duties.


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Again learn how to fucking read. I was replying to your comment and how relying on our corrupt legal system is not a sufficient argument against vigilante justice. You’re literally attacking me for no reason.


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Bro literally read my comment. I said I do not condone “the extrajudicial murder of almost anyone”. Also have you ever watched the news ever in your life? Or known someone who has been sexually assaulted? Give me a fucking break. Do a simple Google search if you can actually read.


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I understand this sentiment but whatever side of the political spectrum you are on sexual predators of every kind are grossly under-sentenced even in very public cases. I don’t support the extrajudicial murder of almost anyone - but that opinion has nothing to do with believing that our legal system will deliver them to justice and I would never encourage someone else to believe that either.


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Idk why people are obsessed with the false idea that if you are Catholic because you believe that Jesus is the Eucharist that also means you condone the sins of everyone who also calls themselves Catholic. Besides, by and large CPS/DCFS and even public schools have more significant rates of sexual assault and misconduct, yet no one accuses people who send their kids to public school of willful neglect or of turning a blind eye to the way these corporations can harbor and even enable predators. I know you’re making a joke but grossly oversimplifying things to assert one’s moral superiority just gets… old.