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Unnecessary to follow airport traffic patterns? Hate to fly to that airport if I didn't know where or how aircrafter where departing. If a small uncontrolled airport its more important since unaware pilots have no tower to tell you that a heli just jumped up and took off from the apron.

Happens at my airport with private helos and paramotors all the time and it sucks. You line up for departure and you see out of the corner of your eye something taking off and cutting near the runway. Yes, I have reported them to FAA for what it is worth.


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You may want to check up on the battery weights there compared to the engine and you can include fuel (fuel gets lighter as truck consumes the fuel).

I’m 100% on with EVs but ev long haul won’t be there in a while. I think hydrogen for trains, ships and trucks are the way to go. But we’ll need a ton of energy. I say nukes run at full power and with wind and solar any extra is spent creating hydrogen for long haul.