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people who let their dogs bark is also a pet peeve... my neighborhood had a glorious year or two when everyone was a responsible dog owner and it was soo pleasant... Then one of my neighbors decided to die (selfish) then the new neighbors (mid/late 20s) moved in and decided to get a pit bull and another yippie dog... real bummer.


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So are you in Idaho or Indiana? Very little of this makes sense and im sorry to be a cynic but this honestly seems like the internet version of the dude with an empty 2 gallon gas can outside a gas station who "just needs a few bucks to get my wife to the hospital for her treatment" scam.


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No... they didn't steal it, they just used their government influence to acquire the property without his consent and without arriving at an agreed upon value from the owner for their version of a "greater good". Maybe you should just be thankful our benevolent lords have a vision for that serfs former property.


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You're correct that it puts the leverage in the hands of the original Landowner and that's the point... that's how I think it should be. And in the long term it would, I believe, sort itself out without heavy handed government strong arming.

It's likely obvious to me, you and everyone with a mind that there are profound community benefits to being able to make that commute... and because of that the original owner should be able to hold out for the highest value possible until another alternative becomes more economically viable.

The idea that at any given time your families 3rd generation farm could be split up for a highway and you get paid out by a less than honest brokers appraisal with little to no recourse is asinine to me and akin to a serfdom dystopia.

The only middle ground I could maybe concede on this on a principled level is if somehow your private property was like a national security blindspot... IE your farm in Maine on the border is a strategically important foothold for a bloodthirsty Canadian invasion.

Outside of that wildly extreme scenario I am of the philosophy I owe you and you owe me literally nothing nor either of us have a right to acquire each others respective properties without consent.


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Absolutely... but the people who are for it tend to be collectivists and don't hold individual rights on the same pedestal as the "collective need" of the day, until it steps on their yard.

Many of these same types of people were up in arms about the VOTE that happened on Galloway being rezoned for instance but are somehow okay with the government saying "Bend over, this is gonna happen" when it's a gross haunted house that isn't their backyard.


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Mostly yes... To think think that you could work your ass off to buy and build a life or a home or a business and pay taxes all along the way then 30 years later a committee decides to forcibly take it from under the guise of paying you "fair market rates" for their "greater good" is f*cking trash.

That's like buying a stock you want to hold forever because you believe it will continue to appreciate and pay dividends and when there's no outstanding shares left then someone comes along and says "nah" we're forcing you to sell your stock to this us at the current rate whether you like it or not cause we really want the future gains.



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I don't want this to sound rude, and I am sincerely NOT trolling you... But I genuinely want to get your thoughts on what I'm gonna say.

I simply don't respect, recognize or comply with Brosnan security officials at all...

Now I never go out of my way to agitate or instigate anything or manufacture a conflict and in general I operate on a polite and courteous wavelength. But when I'm asked to slow down and provide a receipt for an item I bought at the electronics section it's a hard "Nope!" and I don't break stride doing it.

Out of genuine curiosity what actual authority do you have to detain, let alone put hands on any citizen?


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Mudlounge is always a good choice, good ambiance, no blaring music, good drinks and it's generally a douchebag free zone.


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Springfield is like the old boxes of neapolitan ice cream I got as a kid. It's got a pretty good variety for the price point and it's exciting to have options... but it's neapolitan ice cream out of a box for $3.49... you probably shouldn't be expecting gourmet ice cream of any flavor in the box but appreciate the good flavor blasts you come across in each category.