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If you’re in the position to do so, I’d reassure her that you’d give her pet a loving home if she passed. That you wouldn’t feel forced to take them and they’d be wanted. My thing would be how hard it is for pets to lose their owner. It’s hard to explain to them why you’re suddenly gone one day. Sometimes they can smell that you’re dieing, if you are sick and die at home on hospice. I’m not sure if they know the smell of death if you die suddenly at home or not. That would be the biggest reason I’d be really hesitant to adopt a new pet. Especially a young one. Maybe talk her into adopting an older one. They need loving homes too for their final couple of years!


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I’m sorry your relationship with your doctor changed so much. That sucks a ton. I have a hard time with new doctors so I’d struggle big time if something like that happened. I hope things get better, or at least that you don’t have to much of a struggle with your ADHD and other health issues mental or otherwise.

I’m going to have to look more into the connection. I don’t often talk about RLS so I never really heard anyone else mention it.


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It’s interesting that Kratom gives doctors such a drug addict vibe when it’s a supplement. That doesn’t make it less addicting or ok for you but it does make it easier to stumble into. You’d think they’d be a little more willing to see that you aren’t necessarily an addict just because your dependent on it.

I’m glad they trust you again with different meds. It’s interesting that you also struggle with RLS. I wonder if that’s common in people with ADHD or what.


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I think I’m lucky that my doctor treats me with respect and not like a drug seeker or addict because I’m on meds for ADHD. It probably helps that I don’t ask for them early, or anything. She initially sent me to a psychiatrist to help. I thought they were the type of doctors you met with had therapy and they prescribed meds as appropriate. No. She only serves the purpose of prescribing me meds. She tried to prescribe me Klonopin at a high dose multiple times a day because I have bad anxiety too. I had actually tried that with my doctor and all of those types of drugs make me. Too tried drunk feeling and Im a funeral director that literally can’t take that type of medication every night since I do on call a few nights a week. She forced me to try them so I did. She suggested a different med for adhd at one point and I thought that her and my doctor were in communication, so I told my doctor her suggestion and she prescribed it agreeing with the reason. The psychiatrist got pissed that I had asked her to prescribe something and then went on a rampage about other meds I’m on. I’m on a med for restless legs and have been for like a decade. It has a benefits of quieting my brain at night but doesn’t make me groggy like Xanax and what not. It’s a Parkinson medication. She at that point decided that my dr wasn’t going to be prescribing any of my meds from now on. That the klonopin wasn’t making me so tired the meds I take for restless legs is and that I was going to stop them. Ok, lady. You want to take me off a medication that makes me physically I’ll when I miss a dose not to mention makes me go literally insane because my RLS kicks in full force because of withdrawal (it’s not a control substance but stopping it suddenly is not a good thing like many meds.) to put me on one that is that I say I can’t be taking if I’m going to keep my job? The klonopin actually made my Restless leg syndrome worse in itself for whatever reason. As someone with ADHD it might be best to not needlessly take controlled substances that aren’t doing what I need them to do? I never went back to her. I told my dr about it and she was really upset that that was her plan. I’m not even sure she can be making medical decisions like taking me off meds that I don’t take for mental health issues but because of my physical health? It was utterly insane. She actually made me feel like a drug seek not just for asking my doctor for Concerta but for the RLS meds I took. I was really baffled by her for so many reasons. Now I just see a therapist and my doctor and I went through a bunch of trial and error to find the best combo of meds for my ADHD and anxiety until we found what is currently working best. A lot of my anxiety comes from adhd anyway. Point being finding your doctor that doesn’t judge is most important. You’ll have to see other doctors along the way but their opinions only mean so much.