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I wear a bicycle helmet because I'm convinced by what I've read that they reduce brain injuries. I could handle major issues with limbs. I couldn't handle a TBI that screwed up my ability to think or reason or function.

I don't think they make me invincible, which I suspect is a confounding factor for overall injuries. 35 years ago I decided to keep my speed down because descending at 55mph was scary as could be. I've not been much over 35mph in the last 5 years and even 30mph is starting to be scary as I get older.


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I've seen all manner of arguments against using helmets which have nothing to do with injuries among "crash involved cyclists".

In a typical year I like to bike about 5,000 miles. Cars have close-passed me, tried to run me off the road, cut me off, yelled, spit, cursed, you name it. I've had drivers mad at me for going the speed limit, not going the speed limit, being in a bike lane, being within 3' of the curb, pretty much all of it. I used to have a bus driver who hated to let me ever get around him because once I got in front of him I'd slowly gain distance because he had to stop to pick up and let off people.

What I care about is what happens if or when my head hits something.


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I've not seen the data in years, but it is out there.

Bicycle helmets - To wear or not to wear? A meta-analyses of the effects of bicycle helmets on injuries

This article points out that cervical spine injuries aren't reduced, and as many bicyclists will tell you, there are plenty of other bones left to break. However, when it comes to protecting your skull, a bicycle helmet will do that better than no helmet.


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It's not a blood oxygenation problem. My O2 saturation is usually 98 percent.

There's an autonomic response to standing which can be defective in some people. When someone with that problem stands, the blood pressure in their skull rapidly declines. When the blood pressure in the skull is too low, O2 can't exchange with CO2.


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The OP is suggesting you go further down than you were before. If you were sitting on the floor, sit back on the floor. If you were sitting on a chair, sit back on the chair.

I have Orthostatic Hypotension and the OP's advice is about as wrong as it gets.


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Yeah, this is horrible advice. The change standing up from sitting is less than the change standing up from squatting.

The best advice is to sit back down and wait a second. Two seconds is a long time when you're about to pass out.


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When I grew up the Milkway wasn't an uncommon sight on a clear dark night.

There was a car dealership a few miles from our house and when they'd have a sale with their stupid search light the stars would get drowned out.

Over the years light from all kinds of wasteful uses became more and more common and the only time I see the Milkyway now is in places like you've described.

Go back again some night when the moon is newer.


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You can also use other physical measurements.

For me, when I make an "L" shape with my thumb and index finger, the distance from the tip of my index finger to about halfway through my thumb is 6". When I do electrical wiring, I shove one hand in the junction box, touch that finger tip where the wires enter, then cut the wire at the far side of my thumb. When I strip the wire I've got 6" of wire in the box, which makes electrical inspectors very happy.


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A lot of smaller microcontrollers have all the hardware needed to run old text-only games. Often all that's needed to interface to an old serial terminal is the voltage converters.

I am not going to program a used pregnancy test to play doom or moria or any other text-only game.


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I went through a similar experience several years back when I finally started really going through the things I'd gotten which had belonged to my mother.

It was only when I found price tags still on the bottoms of some items that I realized she'd been shopping at Pier One a lot more than I thought.