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Yeah it makes me excited because it's a reminder that we're in the frontier days, just starting to explore what's out there, and only currently focusing our telescopes on the most obvious likely planets, those with a steady and repeating orbit, which means they are short duration like this. Over time we'll broaden our search more and likely find many planets that are smaller and longer orbits, more earth like. So much exploring ahead!


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You wouldn't want the bank to undo the transaction just to then be responsible for giving a paper check to the HOA for the same amount minus $3.50 or whatever. Or at least I wouldn't. The best course of action here is for OP to be more clear about exactly what they're seeing (screenshot and URL) and to demand the HOA refund the overpayment. HOA will comply if OP is showing them evidence and indicating they're willing to go to court for it with that same evidence. OP would win in court but only if they actually follow through and sue soon after HOA refuses. Not suing and continuing to use the service anyway could indicate to the judge that they understood the actual fee to be whatever was actually being charged rather than what the website says. Personally I wouldn't bother suing over $3.50 but that's up to OP.


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I've read posts about this several times and they conclude that the salt that is generated by this process at scale is far more than there would be a market for and the salt that is generated is more of a sludge.