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Main south neighborhood. Lived in the area most of my life. All the streets immediately surrounding Clark are fine for the most part. Main Street is the exception. Lotta crackheads and prostitutes lol. Walked it a lot in high school up until a couple years ago and did run into the occasional problem but again it was almost always on Main Street and at mainly at night, and not close to Clark. Avoid crystal park at night and just be vigilant when walking. I don’t think it’s as bad as it was when I walked a lot, but having a car the last few years has definitely kept me off the streets and avoiding problems for the most part.

Ps don’t be dumb and walk out in front of cars. You’re more likely to get hit by a car than be a victim of crime. A lot of people won’t stop for you. Also never leave your house or car doors unlocked.


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I’ve been made aware b__Malz, if that’s even your real name 🤨 It’s also clear that finding a place to accommodate will be hard so my vagueness represents my openness to suggestions. Hopewell does look great. It’ll be my first time if I can get in


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I’m very open to any suggestions. I enjoy all cuisines and I believe I’ve only been to lulus and some Asian spot in allston, so I did list the only place I’ve been! I understand what you’re saying but I also understand I’m not in a position to be super picky


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Mid 20s, and maybe plays music. I’m not too picky I just want a place with good food and drinks and where people will enjoy themselves! I like the atmosphere of lulus a lot but I know the patio is closed and the inside isn’t too big. Plus I’d like somewhere new preferably!


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Fishing spot I go to in Oxford/Auburn has some big ones around. I’ve been alone a few times and seen/heard them run by, sometimes scarily close. I think they might be a mix because a couple of them really looked like wolves 😳