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Lately I’ve been watching bunch of walk videos from Japan, especially from Tokyo and what you said is extremely visible. Plenty of stuff that’s absolute marvel to look at concidering the amount of people. Some of the busiest streets seem so ”clear” and clean that you could almost lick the pavement. It looks almost impossible. There’s also loads of different type greenery and lights everywhere that are clearly being kept tidy too.

Here it’s so common that even decent projects are very quickly left to rot without proper maintenence. It’s such a shame.


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It’s crazy that this and for example not having to upgrade your phone every year has to be even mentioned. These companies have managed to create such a huge FOMO to some people that they can’t live without having the newest thing every second of their life.


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Hasn’t it been obvious for a long time? Are we really so behind in studies that we’re just ”finding it out”? You’re giving your brain huge amount of tasks and training when playing shooters, puzzle games etc. for hours. I remember one shooter streamer said that when he visited the eye doctor, he guessed that he’s a jet pilot or something because of the crazy eye movement.