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Has Atlantic Broadband for years. When we switched from DSL I bought a router and modem from the approved list instead of renting from the company. Tech showed up on a day I couldn't be there so a less tech savvy member of the household handled it. Tech went to install new modem, opened the box then realized modem wouldn't work since we went VOIP for landline. So now I had an "open box" modem that I they wouldn't let me use nor could I return. Price per month 50 Mbps down + landline, was $75 for first year, $120 for year two and then $159 for anything beyond that. Steep but service rarely went down.

About year 2.5 Atlantic Broadband gets bought out by Breezeline. Start getting charged for paper statement ($1, 4 months in $2). Base charge hiked up to $178 per month. Quality of service is less as the network drops out 2-3 times a week. Most times it's quick (under 5 mins). Speed is slower most of the time down to 40-45 Mbps.

Called and dropped the landline and magically all the rates have changed. I'm now paying $45 for 100 Mbps ( best I've seen is 75) for 3 months then the price hikes to $90.

I've looked into T-Mobile ( only metered plan, no unlimited data yet) a local wireless ( no line of sight to their towers) and Comcast isn't available here yet. Constantly getting spammed on streaming for Comcast, T-Mobile and Breezeline. I'd jump ship in a hot minute if there was anything else to go to.


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The closest hotels are in Coudersport up rt 44. Millstream or Westgate. There are no chain hotels up there. I'm not sure if Sweden Valley will be open or not. I want to say there was a B&B up there...Frosty Hollow or something like that, it's pretty close along Rt44.

The end of March will still be cold up there so bring your "winter" gear.


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Well Blue Knob is barely a village. A place like Bedford has amenities but isn't too far away.

The Laurel Highlands ( Somerset) would be less amenities but more wild. Depends on what you're looking for.

State College gets you the most culture but your going to pay for it.

I can't speak for the northeast areas because while I've passed through but I haven't lived there.


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From Tyrone it's the Bald Eagle railroad up to Julian, which continues up in a northeasterly direction. There isn't a good spot to cross the mountain with a rail line till Bellefonte.

Also as the previous poster said , Norfolk Southern owns the line, Amtrak just gets a chance to use it. That's why freight gets priority over people and there is only 1 passenger train a day. Compare that with easy of Harrisburg where Amtrak owns the line and there is a commuter train into Harrisburg and out of Harrisburg every day.


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Depending on when you go up next week it could be (arguably) one of the busiest hunting days of the year. So increased traffic and the potential for animals to be running about.

Take printed directions/ a map , be prepared for cold and drive some type of vehicle with a some ground clearance.


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So about 5 years ago I internally was the only candidate who applied for an IT job. Only person interviewed. Still took HR about a month and a half to spit out that I was qualified so my boss could offer me the job.

Fun part was when the position was vacant I was doing the job "to keep everything moving". The powers that be don't pay you both salaries.

All of that was when the HR system was internal to the agency. With the consolidated system now I would guess that efficiency has went down.