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Hey I grew up in Texas too! And yeah I guess I’m used to it as well but it’s still saddening to see in this day and age so much racism and blatant idiocy among people. It seems like an absolute choice to believe the lies rather than accept the reality. And in their denial they just make it worse for everyone else. It’s sad and incredibly frustrating.


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Out by my location it’s pretty bad. I’m in western Wa but one of the reddest towns. Idiots walk around with blatantly racist shirts (things like a photo of native Americans and sayings underneath like “remember what happens with the government tries to take your guns”. We’re surrounded by idiots. Idiots as far as the eye can see. I can’t even imagine Indiana.


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Darrington was rated past 450. We literally shut our doors, put towels in the base, locked our animals inside until absolutely necessary to let them out and we still suffered. This was the first fresh air we’ve gotten in over a month.

Edit: the smell of smoke will forever be an anxiety trigger for me now. This whole thing was awful for so many people. It’s scary to think what the future holds.