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AI steals existing art from real living artists (without permission mind you) to create what it does. It needs human made art to base the style and core imagery in order for it to create anything. At the end of the day, human's are still the source.


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Excellent Show. Also check out Michael Pollen's "How to Change your Mind"! I struggled with decades of depression and addiction, and after a couple years of using psychedilcs, I had a powerful trip 1 year ago this week that did something profound to my mindset. A couple months after that I discovered I could draw (in Feb of this year) and it's been a wild adventure ever since.


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Well, I'm gay, so a big part of it is just preference. For me, patterns found in the natural world are repeated in a lot of ways and penises have always reminded me of plant life. This is just a different way of expressing a connection to nature.