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Yup, 2 hours. For the cheaper COL and some other things going on in my life, it's manageable. It could be more like 1h 15min if I left real early and drove.....but I rather ride transit and least do something and have it take an extra hour.


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I might be able to get by a bit, but I'd still need a car to get to work out in Tysons one day a week.

I'm planning to move to Baltimore soon though, and probably will still do MARC + Metro for that one day I have to go into the office a week.


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Kind of depends on what it is for.

If it's an emergency fund, then HYSA, you can find savings accounts with much better interest (especially right now) than 0.01%. If it's money you're saving up for something, a CD could make sense and can earn a little more than HYSA over a period of time guaranteed.

I assume it's not long-term like retirement savings? Given you said you have other investment accounts.


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They do, but they also represent like every big video game company. Microsoft (which is Bethesda now), Sony, Nintendo, Nvidia, Take-Two, Square Enix, you name it.

They basically run whats left of E3 and spend the rest of their time fighting copyright infringements and arguing how loot boxes arent gambling.


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Damn RIP.

I was just finishing the last season of The Wire and noticed his subtle cameo in one of the bars.

Loved SVU


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😂 I live in Arlington right now instead of Tysons thankfully.

But given I don't have a need to go in that often...paying DC level prices to live kind of sucks.

But yeah Tysons is a shithole.


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Over in Arlington, AWLA will take this stuff too.

My cat also gets picky lol, sometimes I just throw it up as free on FB marketplace or something and someone takes it too.


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I think it can be a case by case thing by street. M street for example in Georgetown, the buses for the most part just go East/West down the street.

So making each crosswalk on the streets in between elevated makes sense to me and leaving the main M st alone.

Removing a lane and adding a seperate emergency / transit access lane seperate by bollards or a curb that isn't elevated as well is an option.

But also doesn't slow them down by much, few seconds at most https://oth.opengov.com/production/uploads/portals/49/forum/issue/7970/issue_asset/asset/9705/Traffic_Calming_Fact_Sheets.pdf


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In DC specifically, there was a bill introduced about a year ago the Walk Without Worry Amendment. It aims to standardize pedestrian crosswalks to be elevated, and forces drivers to slow down. Like this. or in real life they look like this, this, and this. Instead of designing a street so pedestrians are entering the car road, cars have to cross the pedestrian walkway.

The bill is still under council review


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I probably wouldn't live in Ballston because you'll have to transfer lines to go to work. I would stick to somewhere on the blue or yellow line. Driving here sucks especially for commuting. Have a single line no transfers commute is the best.

Honestly it might even be worth just living down by Crystal City too and that whole south Arlington / National Landing area.

I don't have experience with either of those places really.


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I haven't lived in that building myself, but what I've found is apartments generally always have mixed reviews. Lot of times, the reviews seem really arbitrary like people who never have lived in an apartment before.

Loud noises, hearing your neighbors, not liking the management staff, etc are things I would usually ignore.

If a building has like 4-5 stars (5 would be a little suspicious) I'd be pretty comfortable moving there. 3-4, I'd read some of the reviews and if roaches, bed bugs, etc are a common theme I'd avoid. If it's "the walls are paper thin!" idc. Anything below 3 I would typically ignore at that point, that's a lot of negative reviews.


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I'd recommend The Prime one based on the management.

I live at one of the other Equity Residential buildings, and they also have the construction stuff going on.

Honestly....its not that bad. If it's one being worked on right above or next to you, it sucks for a few weeks but...otherwise mostly don't hear the drilling.

Equity has honestly been fine for me. Reasonable rent hikes, easy to deal with in general. Would recommend.

The Meridian I don't know as much on.


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I've heard good things about Starry if it's available to you.

I have DSL through Comcast, but not really by much choice. It's honestly fine for everything being a single dude in an apartment. I get like 300 mbs down.